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First Look: July 22

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What do YOU think?

What do you think?

02 Jul 2014

Are Today’s Business Heroes Challenging Our Ideas About Leadership?
By Jim Heskett

Are today's most talked about business leaders--Jobs, Bezos, Gates--a group to be admired and followed? They seem to lack the humility and lead-from-behind mentality so espoused by serious management thinkers such as Jim Collins and Bill George. Who do you want leading your company? Open for comment; 32 Comments posted.

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How Rediscovering the Past Benefits the Future
Ting Zhang

Transparency and Productivity
Ethan Bernstein

Matchmaking and Productivity
Michael Norton

The Internet and Employee Productivity
Andrew Brodsky

Misinterpretation of Emotion in Email
Andrew Brodsky

Social Adoption Incentives
Michael Norton

"Restarts" and Productivity
Francesca Gino