15 Oct 2014  Views on News

Apple Pay’s Technology Adoption Problem

Apple wants to convert your iPhone into a digital wallet with Apple Pay. Professors Benjamin Edelman and Willy Shih assess its chances for success and wonder if consumers have a compelling reason to make the switch. Closed for comment; 12 Comments posted.


What do YOU think?

What do you think?

01 Oct 2014

Is Too Much Focus a Problem?
By Jim Heskett

Intense management focus can have a downside: It limits noticing. James Heskett asks readers to help him address this forest-for-the-trees problem. What do YOU think? Open for comment; 22 Comments posted.

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How Rediscovering the Past Benefits the Future
Ting Zhang

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Ethan Bernstein

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Andrew Brodsky

Misinterpretation of Emotion in Email
Andrew Brodsky

Social Adoption Incentives
Michael Norton

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Francesca Gino