19 Jan 2015  Research & Ideas

Is Wikipedia More Biased Than Encyclopędia Britannica?

By identifying politically biased language in Encyclopędia Britannica and Wikipedia, Feng Zhu hopes to learn whether professional editors or open-sourced experts provide the most objective entries. Open for comment; 9 Comments posted.


What do YOU think?

What do you think?

07 Jan 2015

What Are the Limits On Workplace Transparency?
By Jim Heskett

Should your salary number be available to everyone in the organization? Are businesses going too far or not far enough in becoming more transparent? What do YOU think? Open for comment; 17 Comments posted.

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Layoffs, Downsizing, and Workplace Flexibility
Sandra Sucher

How Rediscovering the Past Benefits the Future
Ting Zhang

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Ethan Bernstein

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Michael Norton

The Internet and Employee Productivity
Andrew Brodsky

Misinterpretation of Emotion in Email
Andrew Brodsky

Social Adoption Incentives
Michael Norton

"Restarts" and Productivity
Francesca Gino