26 May 2015  Research & Ideas

Corporate Field Researchers Share Tricks of the Trade

In a panel discussion, several professors shared practical findings and tricks-of-the-trade from recent field research. Among the discoveries: how to prompt employees to get a flu shot. Open for comment; 0 Comments posted.


What do YOU think?

What do you think?

06 May 2015

Are You Ready for Personalized Predictive Analytics?
By Jim Heskett

SUMMING UP The world of predictive analytics and its continuous monitoring of people and things both excites and terrifies Jim Heskett's readers this month. Should we be careful what we wish for? Open for comment; 14 Comments posted.

Working Papers

New Working Papers

Scholarly papers that describe original research in a narrow field of study.


The Research Exchange

The Research Exchange is a way for faculty and corporate partners to collaborate on the following field studies.

Layoffs, Downsizing, and Workplace Flexibility
Sandra Sucher

How Rediscovering the Past Benefits the Future
Ting Zhang

Transparency and Productivity
Ethan Bernstein

Matchmaking and Productivity
Michael Norton

Misinterpretation of Emotion in Email
Andrew Brodsky

Social Adoption Incentives
Michael Norton

"Restarts" and Productivity
Francesca Gino