• 22 Oct 2010
  • Research & Ideas

Panel on Pedagogical Innovations in MBA Courses

Faculty Research Symposium 2010: Multiple pedagogical innovations are taking place at HBS that are fundamentally changing students' learning experiences. Key concepts include:
  • The Global Leader Initiative seeks to make the educational experience more powerful by forging greater integration between courses.
  • The Building Green Businesses Seminar was created to accelerate the rate at which green business issues enter the mainstream curriculum.
  • Weekly one-page papers are used by professor Youngme Moon to force students to distill their thinking, take a point of view, and reflect on lessons learned, while raising the overall quality of discussion in the classroom.
  • The Authentic Leadership Development course encourages students to understand themselves before leading others.

Editor's Note: This is a summary of an HBS Faculty Research Symposium 2010 presentation. View a full summary from the link below.

Date of Event:May 10, 2010
Speakers:Ray Gilmartin, Joseph Lassiter, Youngme Moon, Nitin Nohria

Multiple pedagogical innovations are taking place at Harvard Business School. These innovations include subject matter innovations such as courses that focus on globalization and green businesses. They also include innovations in how courses are structured and taught, including greater integration between courses and alternatives to the traditional 100-person case study course, such as small discussion groups. These innovations are fundamentally changing students' learning experiences. Many of the lessons from these innovations can be reapplied more broadly.

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