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Like the print DM News, from which it draws extensively, dmnews.com is a key source of information for the direct marketing industry. Every business day, the site features timely lead stories written by DM News staff members on happenings in direct and Internet marketing. A searchable archive of features (dating back to January 1998) is available, and articles from the past 30 days are online, grouped under 18 topical categories, including agency news, database marketing, Internet marketing, high tech DM and infomericals/DRTV. You can also sign up to receive daily news updates via your e-mail or a downloadable screen saver. (Older articles can be identified through a search engine; searching is free, but you must pay to get the articles themselves.) dmnews.com also offers a powerful, easy-to-use products and services directory targeted to direct marketers, an event calendar and classified job ads, but industry news is its strength and the main reason to visit this site.