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Branding Unbound


Brand marketing is increasingly unbound from its traditional moorings thanks to the advent of wireless. Yet for many marketers, wireless still represents “a mysterious and challenging new component of the marketing mix,” according to Rick Mathieson, a strategic marketing expert in Silicon Valley. His timely and useful book demystifies successful practices in a way that should encourage and inspire other marketers.

Chapter one provides a general overview of the wireless landscape. Readers learn about the five key advantages of “mBranding”: immediacy, intimacy, interactivity, mobility, and immersion. Chapter two discusses such principles of mobile advertising as “no pushing allowed,” “entertainment rocks,” and “get personal.” The remaining six chapters rely on cases, examples, and discussions of best practices used by companies as diverse as McDonald's, Prada, Procter & Gamble, Dunkin’ Donuts, Comedy Central, and Suzuki, among many others. Each chapter concludes with insights from popular commentators like Tom Peters, Don Peppers, and Seth Godin.

Although the subtitle claims a future orientation, Branding Unbound is best when it considers practices that are hot right now. It makes for a handy guide that lets marketers know where they stand in the ever shifting media landscape.

- Poping Lin

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