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Community Research & Development Information Service (CORDIS)

Information gateway for research and development by the European Union
The Community Research and Development Information Service (CORDIS) is the portal site for dissemination of information on Research and Technological Development (RTD) programs sponsored by the European Union. Designed as a vehicle to encourage innovation and increase industrial competitiveness in the EU, CORDIS not only provides information on existing EU programs and projects, but it also facilitates knowledge and technology transfer between the EU and interested parties. The Web site contains a complete description of EU initiatives, including "The Fifth RTD Framework Programme" about objectives of 1998-2002 RTD activities. It includes five thematic programs: Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources; User-Friendly Information Society; Competitive and Sustainable Growth; Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development; and Research and Training in the Field of Nuclear Energy. It also provides access to a host of searchable databases focusing on documents, publications, project results, programs, and news of the RTD program. The "Partners" section assists in identifying appropriate partners for collaboration in EU programs. While the site's organization is somewhat confusing, the vast amount of valuable information compensates for it.