Android and Competition Law: Exploring and Assessing Google's Practices in Mobile

by Benjamin Edelman and Damien Geradin

Overview — Benjamin Edelman and Damien Geradin argue that Google’s restrictions on device manufacturers wishing to develop commercially-viable Android devices harm competition to the detriment of consumers, as well as harming device manufacturers and developers of competing apps and services. Proposed remedies include allowing device manufacturers to install Google apps in whatever configurations they find convenient and in whatever way they believe the market will value.

Author Abstract

Since its launch in 2007, Android has become the dominant mobile device operating system worldwide. In light of this commercial success and certain disputed business practices, Android has come under substantial attention from competition authorities. We present key aspects of Google’s strategy in mobile, focusing on Android-related practices that may have exclusionary effects. We then assess Google’s practices under competition law and, where appropriate, suggest remedies to right the violations we uncover.

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