Colloquium: The Future of Social Enterprise

The field of social enterprise is undergoing a "confluence of forces" that is reshaping the way nonprofits and other organizations fund and measure their work. A new working paper born of a recent Harvard Business School colloquium on the future of social enterprise explores possible scenarios.

Date: March 27-28, 2008
Chairs: V. Kasturi Rangan, Herman B. Leonard, and Susan McDonald

Faculty Summary Report

Colloquium: The Future of Social Enterprise

In our working paper, The Future of Social Enterprise, we consider the confluence of forces that is shaping the field of social enterprise, changing the way that funders, practitioners, scholars, and organizations measure performance. Our paper traces a growing pool of potential funding sources to solve social problems, much of it stemming from an intergenerational transfer of wealth and new wealth from financial and high-tech entrepreneurs. We examine how these organizations can best access the untapped resources by demonstrating mission performance and then propose three potential scenarios for how the sector might evolve.

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