Michael Porter on America’s Historic Energy Opportunity

America is caught in a divisive debate over energy strategy, which threatens our nation's economic and environmental goals. "There is an urgent need for the US to get on a new path," according to a new report by Michael E. Porter, David S. Gee, and Gregory J. Pope.

A new report from experts Michael E. Porter, David S. Gee, and Gregory J. Pope at Harvard Business School and The Boston Consulting Group outlines a strategic approach for improving United States competitiveness while reducing environmental impact and making progress on climate change.

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Press Coverage

  • 11 JUN 2015
  • Houston Chronicle

Report: In Better Energy Debate, Nobody Wins

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    • Kapil Kumar Sopory
    • Company Secretary, SMEC(India) Private Limited
    Michael Porter's research work is very innovative and contains practical solutions advocating need for new interventions rather than walking the beaten track. He has made good suggestions for reducing carbon emissions by using alternate sources of energy, etc.
    Though highly technical and not directly my subject, I too have gained much from this work.