New Advanced Browse Feature


We want your feedback on a new way for readers to "drill down" into HBS Working Knowledge articles. Called Advanced Browse, this capability allows you to search for articles that meet multiple criteria simultaneously.

Let's say you're interested in articles about the Financial Services industry, but only content related to one region, Asia. Clicking on this link will bring you approximately 40 search results on all our articles concerning the the Financial Services industry. Now use Advanced Browse to help narrow your search: At the top of the page, follow the "Narrow results by" to further cull the results by Topic, Industry, and/or Region.

Let us know what you think by clicking the "give us feedback" link at the top of our Advanced Browse pages.

We encourage a discussion about the feature, and some of the comments will be posted on this page.

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    • Maria
    • VP Marketing
    I don't search the articles often enough for this to make areal difference
    • Prof.K.Prabhakar
    • Director, KSR College of Technology
    Thank you very much for providing an advanced search option. Can you include a tag option where readers can add tags in addition to region and industry? The tag option may be used by other users in order to have better insights in to the articles.
    • Terry
    • Manager, Logistics / Operations, Scientific Design Company, Inc.
    The new advance browse feature sounds like a great change. I'm sure I'll find it very useful.
    • Cheryl Neruda
    • Global Mgmt Development, Micron Technology, Inc
    My most frequent needs are based on topic, then geography, and lastly, industry. The more from the global perspectives - the better, as I frequently am challenged with thinking "US centric".

    Thanks for the inquiry!
    • Anonymous
    Please provide the sorting/filtering by AND, NOT, OR etc. to handle multiple selection criteria.

    • Trista Meehan
    • Usability Analyst, U.S. Bancorp
    It might be more helpful to have a distinct landing page for all search options-- that way you could tighten up your left navigation (seems too long right now) and allow for multiple selection criteria. Allowing for an advanced search might be helpful. I've used Forrester's advanced search and found it helpful:

    But rather than gather opinions, why not do some observation and usability testing of actual users to figure out how they really use the site?
    • Anonymous
    It is an interesting feature. It might be useful to have date ranges as one of the drill downs, i.e. this year, last year and month or quarterly this/lasts. I can't follow all the alerts and occasionally just want to catch up.
    • Sridhar
    I have hardly used the search function, so I cannot comment much. Why does HBS-WK have to develop its own search? Isn't it easier and better to get the Google Search Appliance and add tag functions to articles? Isn't that easier than redeveloping a custom search tool? Just wondering....
    • Anonymous
    I seldom find a need to search beyond the article that is presented initially. While the Advanced Search will be helpful to intense users, I doubt that the casual user would employ the capability.
    • Rosa Krausz
    • Director, INTELECTUS
    I found this search function very useful. Thank you for the opportunity to send my comment. I suggest an option regarding specific authors or dates.
    • Anonymous
    I do appreciate the new feature which will steer me away from topics of disinterest.
    • Mike Carpenter
    • CEO, Chairman, Carpenter Asset Mgm't Associates
    I've been saving/archiving your emails for about a year - there is so much of interest in the material you send. Issue is how to find time to read it all, much less remember it all. The ability to 'drill down' when researching a specific topic adds real value. Thanks!
    • Hemant Julka
    • Head Quality Management, Emirates Group
    Very useful feature, especially when you are pressed for time and would like to get a quick focused view on your region/industry.
    • CS
    Thanks for updating the search engine. This has made searching for topics a little easier.
    • Abraham Jacob
    • Senior Consultant, BDO JawadHabib Consulting
    Thank you for providing the advanced search option. I believe that such measures will be user friendly and provide more opportunity to go deep into the HBS knowledge base. Let me appreciate the endeavor.
    • Anonymous
    It's a great idea, very helpful. Thank you.
    • christopher matinanga
    • chief executive officer, twentymark investments pty ltd
    It sure lightens up the burden of searching for various items considering the limitation of time, but there is room for improvement.
    • D.Phani Madhav Prabhaker
    • Territory Manager, Reliance Industries Ltd
    User friendly. Can research interesting topics without getting into a whole range of uninteresting issues.
    • Anonymous
    Job well done for the advanced browser. It is going to be paramount to users.
    • Ahmed Elbanhawy
    • strategic marketing specialist, egyptair airlines
    Thank you for providing the advanced search option. I think it's the appropriate time to move toward progress and improve your site but I need more details about the advanced browse.
    • Anonymous
    My use of this site has been useful. Narrowing the search options certainly reduces time moving through the entire site. I look forward to its advantages.
    • Luis Vasquez
    • Chief Accounting Officer, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia
    Browsing by topic is enough. Rarely have I browsed by multiple criteria. Thank you for your efforts to serve us better.