Parents’ Guide to Harvard Business School

Video Presentation: Want a glimpse into the HBS classroom experience? Das Narayandas, associate professor of marketing, introduces the school's teaching methods to students' parents—and provides his own thoughts on business education.
by Sean Silverthorne
Parents' Guide to Harvard Business School

Sure, you're a good negotiator. But could you negotiate a lower price for a soda from a "smart" vending machine?

It's part of the world of the not-so-distant future portrayed in a talk by Narakesari Narayandas, associate professor of marketing at Harvard Business School. Introducing the HBS experience to students' parents, Narayandas leads a mini-case study of Coca-Cola as it decides whether to deploy a new generation of interactive vending machines.

Narayandas also discusses the evolution of the modern enterprise, and the origins of the Harvard Business School and its reliance on the case method of teaching. Finally, the parents are introduced to several corporate superstars developed at the Business School.