The Business of Climate Change

What is the role of business and its leaders in creating positive climate change? In the middle of Climate Week, Six Harvard Business School faculty provide different perspectives.

On Sunday, 300,000 activists took to the streets of New York for the People's Climate March, the biggest climate protest in history, and the United Nations on Tuesday held the Climate Summit. In the spirit of Climate Week, we present insights from members of the Harvard Business School faculty, all members of the School's Business and Environment Initiative. The common theme: Why business leaders need to address the stubbornly touchy topic of climate change.

Take A Trim Tab Approach To Climate Change

Often depicted as greedy and shortsighted, business leaders face a crucial opportunity on the issue of climate change to change that perception, says Amy Edmondson.

Tackling Climate Change Will Cost Less Than We Think

Yes, addressing climate change will be expensive, but not nearly as much as the costs of delaying action, argues Rebecca Henderson.

We Need A Miracle. New Nuclear Might Provide It.

New nuclear power technology could be the miracle we need to combat dangerous carbon emissions, says Joe Lassiter.

The Abcs Of Addressing Climate Change (from A Business Perspective)

How can business leaders cut through the noise and actively address climate change from an economic perspective? John Macomber proposes a list of ABCs.

The Climate Needs Aggressive Ceo Leadership

History will judge CEOs not just on their stewardship of firm growth, but also on whether they effectively used their clout to address one of the greatest societal challenges of our time, say Michael Toffel and Auden Schendler.

Stop Thinking Of Climate Change As A Religious Or Political Issue

Private and public innovation around cleaning up our environment will be motivated only if prices reflect the true state of the world, says Forest Reinhardt.

    • Hugh Quick
    • home, none
    HBS has always tried to be realistic. Is it realistic to think that humans can really influence The Earth's climate? I believe that The Earth is several million years old and humans appeared about 200,000 years ago. I remember being in a hurricane, its power was such that it seemed more sensible to take cover rather than try to stop it. It seems to be natural human conceit to think it is all our doing.
    • Anonymous
    Ironic that to save this world we must flirt with technology (Nuclear) that may destroy it.
    • Dr Shadreck Saili
    The six perspectives of the HBS academic Dons are absolutely correct . The comon thought being the fact that climate change is real and the heaviest responsibility is shouldered on businesses leaders decisions . I would add however that there should be a force that must be exerted on business leaders to act in the affirmative.
    • HSE CONSULTANT (gas/oil/chemical), PalakKad-678001. INDIA
    The comment by Mr. Hugh Quick is valid to certain extent.
    It reminds me of a popular cartoon on the discussion about " Acid Rain " by the former President, Mr. Regan
    and the PM of Canada.

    " Sir, all Canadians prey for a solution to the Acid rain problem "- PM of Canada.

    "Well Gosh, BRIAN ---- You tell them that Nancy and I join
    them in their prayers "-President Mr. Regan.