The Story of Why Humans Are So Careless With Their Phones

Consumers act more recklessly with the products they own when better versions become available, according to research by Silvia Bellezza, Joshua M. Ackerman and Francesca Gino. This comic by Josh Neufeld explains.
  • 29 Mar 2017
  • By Josh Neufeld

Silvia Bellezza is an assistant professor of marketing at Columbia Business School. Joshua M. Ackerman is an assistant professor of psychology at University of Michigan. Francesca Gino is the Tandon Family Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School.

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Comics journalist Josh Neufeld is the writer/artist of The New York Times bestseller A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge, and the Xeric Award-winning graphic travelogue A Few Perfect Hours (and Other Stories from Southeast Asia & Central Europe). He was a longtime contributor to Harvey Pekar’s American Splendor.

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